Hi. I’m Dan. If you’re reading this then maybe you’re interested in what this blog is about or possibly who I am. I’m not sure about the first, but the last of these questions is easily dealt with; I’m Dan Binks, born in Birmingham, live in Leeds, I have a degree in chemistry and am currently working as a researcher in biomedical research. For the time being these last couple of points may seem irrelevant as the initial remit for this blog is probably as a place for me to wax lyrical about sport and in particular F1 and cricket. I have no particular credentials to be any kind of authority on either of these topics other than having watched plenty on TV and, in the case of cricket, played a decent amount at a reasonably competitive amateur standard.

So through the power of the internet I have my own forum to spout my opinions and that is what I shall attempt to do here, hopefully every couple of weeks.



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